Vac Pacs

Table Top Vac Pacs for dry goods, meats, cheeses, seafood. Double Chamber Vac Packs for larger production. Large Single chamber Vac Pack machines for over sized product like tuna and pork shanks. All supplies available. Large selection of Vac Pack Bags in stock

  • Table Top Vac Pac

    Single and Double Seal Bars, Gas Flushing Available as Option . Ideal for restaurant and small business applications

    TC Series Vacuum Chamber Packaging Machines
    The TC series features stainless steel construction, durable aluminum seal bar, acrylic dome plastic lid, and a bladder activated sealing.

    For specs and models  CLICK HERE        Watch Video Clip of product line


  • Single Chamber Vac Pac

    Check options for gas, seal bar configuration, pump sizes and voltages. Ideal for larger products

    SC Series Vacuum Chamber Packaging Machines
    All of our single chamber machines come standard equipped with 6MM seal band Busch pumps ,water resistant control panel and heavy duty stainless steel casters.

    For specs and models CLICK HERE


  • Double Chamber Vac Pac

    Optional gas, pump sizes, voltages and sealing configuration. Ideal for larger production numbers and faster cycle times

    DC Series Vacuum Chamber Packaging Machines
    The DC Series vacuum chamber packaging machines have been designed specifically for economical, single-operator efficiency.

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