Meat Processing

Band Saws from table top to large splitting saws. Meat grinders for any size capacity, Home use to large full scale production. Single and Dual action mixers or if you require a mixer grinder, we have the solution for you. Need to package your product? See our full line of Vacuum Packaging machines.

  • Patty Maker

    Automatic patty maker. Many shapes and sizes available. Beef, pork, chicken veggie burgersExclusive patented feed ,Forms juicy homestyle patties ,Simple operation ,Controls cost ,Portions exact shapes Interleaves paper ,Automatically stacks ,Save food, time and labor ,Large hopper capacity ,Quick disassembly for easy cleaning

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  • Meat Saws

    Saws for retail stores or meat plants

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  • Meat Grinders

    Table Top and Floor Grinders

     The compact size means it can fit into tight places, which makes it ideal for meat shops, small grocery store meat rooms, and commercial or institutional kitchens. The exclusive Biro oil bath type transmission with double reduction steel gears ensures quiet, trouble-free operation for many years. 

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  • Mixer Grinder

    Mixer grinders for retail and industrial use

    The heavy duty stainless steel hopper, frame, and legs can stand up to years of daily washdown and still resist corrosion, so your mixer grinder lasts longer, and you get a better return on your investment.

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  • Bowl Cutters

    Bowl Cutters for meats or vegetables

    Bowl cutting is the answer for better product color, appearance, bite, texture, quality and higher yields for linked sausages, formed meat products or other specialty processed meat. Our stainless steel TCM-135 bowl cutter allows you to emulsify, coarse chop, or fine chop while reducing your grinding time, clean up time, and labor costs. The TCM-135 also mixes while it chops and maximizes protein extraction by extracting up to 50% more protein than a grind/mix/grind system.

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  • Dicers

    Dicers and cutters for meats or vegetables

    Our dicer can easily be used in hotel restaurants, small to medium processor to meet their food shaping needs quickly and efficiently. Fresh, cooked and tempered meat, poultry, fish, cheese and vegetables are easy to cube, stripe or slice. Can be used for stew meat, fajita, salad, and pizza toppings. Will meet the production goals from the butcher shop to the medium processor and will be cost effective with less manpower multi-purpose dicer.

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  • Brine Injectors

    Brine injectors for bacon, pork ....

    The MSK Brine Injectors will fit virtually any injecting application. Each model incorporates "pressure adjustable needle head, which allows precise control for bone-in or boneless products. The variable speed needle head operates at up to 50 strokes per minute, ideal for fish, seafood, bacon, ham, beef or poultry applications. Easy access controls, variable speed brine motor control allows the operator to adjust the pump pressure to the desired level. Which will provide a minimum product pick-up of approximately 8% if required. Consistent brine pick up are maintained from batch to batch. Our MSK series consist of triple filtration system, which includes a portable stainless steal brine tank.

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  • Double Action Mixers

    Double action mixers for quick uniform mixing of meats and seafood

    The Leland Southwest Double Action™ Mixer, in one and a half minutes, will extract enough protein from sausage, without smearing or raising the temperature of your product, to make stuffing a breeze. Initially the Double Action™ Mixer was designed to effectively and efficiently extract protein from sausage for better bind, bite and yield. 

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