Industrial Scales

Bench and Floor Scales for washdown applications. Wide range of Indicators available for most applications. High capacity scales for industrial use to high resolution scales for laboratory use and gold sales. Multi head scales for large scale packaging along with Vertical Form Fill Machines

  • Washdown BenchScales

    Washdown bench scales and checkeighers.
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  • Washdown Floor Scale

    Rugged washdown design
    Smooth, 304 stainless steel top deck
    Four stainless steel, welded seal IP67, shear beam load cells

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  • Regular Bench Scale

    Non Washdown and Washdown Bench Scales

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  • Regular Floor Scale

    Mild Steel construction. Available in a number of different sizes and capacities. Ideal for dry warehouse conditions.

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  • Crane Scales

    Crane Scales Ideal for adverse outdoor conditions. Light and heavy capacity.

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  • Multi-head Scales

    Multi head scales for high volume packaging. Mount above a VFFM machine for Cranberries, Blueberries, Cerials,.........  

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